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Glow Getter: Natasha Jane Makeup

Alexis Forsyth

For stunning, natural wedding day beauty – Natasha Jane Makeup has the passion, skills, experience, and tools to make you every inch the most beautiful bride on your special day.

We’re delighted to introduce you to UNVEILED Network Member Natasha – the owner of Natasha Jane Makeup, who has been in the makeup artistry business for over six years now. Not only has she worked her makeup magic on lots of brides across the north, but she’s also flexed her skills on editorial shoots and catwalks. She’s an absolute pro, always staying ahead of the bridal beauty curve, and admits she’s a hopeless romantic when it comes to weddings. The perfect combination, if you ask us.

Her interest in beauty began at a young age – something Natasha says she definitely inherited from her mum, as she was always glam and never left the house without her hair and makeup done! Her mum worked as a marketing manager for a large beauty firm too, and brought home a book on makeup artistry one day, and from then on, Natasha was hooked!

After studying theatrical and media makeup, followed by stints with various makeup counters – Natasha took the plunge into self-employment. Thanks to her love for creating makeup that has, as she describes it, a ‘lit from within’ glow – she decided that bridal makeup was her real passion.

Fast forward to today, and she’s here on the UNVEILED blog chatting about her signature style and what brides can expect when they book her (hint, there’s a lot more to it than just showing up on the morning of your wedding!). Plus, she shares some top tips on how to nail your wedding day beauty look and skincare regime before the big day itself. Let’s delve in!

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With images by UNVEILED Network Member Freya Raby, taken for UNVEILED Magazine Issue 14


Natasha says: Honestly, I am just a hopeless romantic! I actually love, love. I adore listening to every part of a bride’s journey, from the proposal right through to their plans for their big day. The excitement, nerves and emotional moments of the trials and wedding mornings remind me of what’s good and important in this world, and positive energy is infectious, so why not surround yourself with it?

On a more makeup-based note, I cannot describe how incredible it feels to walk away from a wedding morning knowing you have made someone feel the best they have ever felt. It’s so special to be a part of their day.


From the initial enquiry through to the wedding day, I am there to guide the bride along the way. My experience in the wedding industry ensures I can advise my brides on almost everything, this is why I have created a bespoke bridal brochure for each bride that enquires with me. This includes details about their makeup journey and also pro tips on how to ensure the wedding morning runs smoothly, and finally a good list of my favorite suppliers.

Once booked, I offer a makeup trial in which I speak at length with the bride about their makeup preferences and create the bridal makeup that they desire. I then take all I have learnt about that bridal trial to their wedding day and create the perfect look for them.


I would say that my signature style is a ‘lit from within’ glow, with a soft glam golden smokey eye. I love radiant skin and soft eyes, as for me it is the perfect balance of glam and natural.

My clients usually go for this look however, growing more and more popular every day is soft pink shades on the eyes with a nude pink lip. This seems to have come into play with the craze for blush-toned bridesmaid dresses. For this look, I always reach for my Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk palette.


I would say Instagram is my main source of inspiration, it has everything you need: bridal fashion, suppliers, and on-trend makeup styles. I also love to read bridal magazines such as UNVEILED – as this is the bridal bible!


I would always advise my clients on basic skincare of cleanse, tone and moisturise daily along with a weekly light exfoliation, if not a monthly deep exfoliation. This will keep the skin balanced. If they happen to suffer with any form of skin condition, I would always advise to seek advice from a dermatologist to ensure they get the correct products for their skin.

A pro tip would be to avoid having any facials that they don’t usually have too close to the wedding, as this could cause breakouts, or even worse, a reaction and we definitely do not want that!


As a makeup artist, it takes time to really get to know someone’s skin, and most importantly their individual style. So, a trial is essential to ensure we get the perfect wedding makeup look for that bride. It is also a time for the bride to experiment with different shades and tones, we can try lots of different lip colours, or eyeshadow with liner or without liner. This enables the bride to get to know their skin and what suits them, too.

It’s also a great opportunity for us to get to know each other, which I think is essential when I will be a part of the morning of the most special day of their life.


My kit has such a variety of brands, from Mac, Charlotte Tilbury and Nars, to Tom Ford, Bobbi Brown and Morphe. I hand pick products based on recommendations from other artists, my clients and blogs. I also sometimes just see a product and think, wow. That is me and needs to be mine.

I find my style tends to be using lots of liquid or cream-based products as I love makeup to be melted into the skin and not sit heavy on top, this is what I find produces the most natural looking makeup.


I always recommend that my brides ensure they have a makeup/hair schedule in place before the wedding to stop any clashes. I always advise that for makeup, the bride slots themselves right in the middle, so basically do not go first and definitely do not go last! From experience when a bride goes last for makeup they then have to race against the time to get into their dress, and rush out the door. Ruining any of the special moments of being in the dress and the father seeing them for the first time.

I usually will work on all the bridal party without applying lipstick and then, at the end, round everyone up to apply lipstick and do minor touch ups… and definitely apply extra setting spray.


Yes, I can do the makeup for the rest of the bridal party. There is always a limit depending on the time of the wedding though. It becomes more difficult with larger parties that are getting married earlier such as 11 or 11.30, in this case I may bring an extra pair of hands to ensure the bridal party doesn’t have to start getting ready at 5am.


My first top tip would be, get some inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram or magazines. Look out for eye makeup colours, lip colours etc that you are drawn to and create a little inspiration board to show me at your trial. This way we can discuss the different elements of each look and get a clearer idea of what your wedding makeup should be.

My second tip would be to get your skincare regime nailed. Your makeup is only ever as good as your skin. So, do what you can to ensure your skin is the best it can be. Drink plenty of water, have a good diet, and cleanse, tone and moisturise as a minimum every day.

My third top tip is to research artists and ensure they are going for someone who relates to their style. You need to be looking at every element of their work to see if what they are creating is to your taste. Do not settle for anyone you are not 100% sure about.


My first big no-no, would be not to go for a makeup look that they wouldn’t usually go for. Be yourself. You don’t want to head down to breakfast the morning after the wedding and people not recognise you because you looked so different! Just stay true to yourself and you’ll be fine.

My second would be to never have your wedding makeup done without a trial, no matter how confident you are in the artist.

My third would be to continue with an artist when you hated the makeup at the trial, you have to be sure you are going to feel your best on your wedding day, so don’t settle for less.


I think more classic looks are going to make a comeback. So, I am predicting lots more winged liner, soft shadow and blush cheeks. Possibly even a sharp red lip here and there.


In addition to makeup I also offer semi-permanent makeup services, this can be found at Natasha Jane Brows. Getting the perfect brows ready for your wedding and honeymoon is a MUST. They will give you extra time in bed plus who doesn’t want brows that don’t rub off round the pool?


For each reader that wants to book their bridal makeup with me, they can receive 20% off the final bill by quoting UNVEILEDMAG20 on their enquiry.